Company Introduction

      ThinkonSemi was originally established in July 2013 in the city of Jinzhou in Liaoning Province, China. Its current full name is Thinkon Semiconductor Jinzhou Corp.

 Thinkon Semiconductor Jinzhou Corp. has a modern factory and manufacturing equipment that is in line with world-class semiconductor standards, trustworthy suppliers of semiconductor raw materials, advanced crystal pulling technology, and a reliable processing, production and quality control system. We provide silicon single crystal products with general or customized specifications of Φ200mm(8 inch)-Φ475mm(19 inch) in diameter for customers.

Thinkon Semiconductor Jinzhou Corp, has been awarded various honors by the Municipal Government of Jinzhou including Top Exporter in Industrial Manufacturing Category, Excellence of Private Enterprises, Model Enterprise of Jinzhou High Quality Development, and Enterprise of Merits of Jinzhou City, etc. Our products all comply with the "ISO9001:2015" standard and very popular in the international market.
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